VE Life

Behind the scenes of the many projects we’ve done, there are a myriad of photos, stories and adventures…here’s a sampling of some of the VE life.


Norway has been a favorite location to return to multiple times — On one amazing trip, we took the opportunity of a single night off to go chase the Northern Lights (a bucket list item for Aron). We set out from the city of Tromso, which is inside the Arctic Circle, and drove into the wilderness to find dark skies to see the aurora. After an hour of sitting on a frigid fjord shoreline in the dark, we were ready to give up (it was also -8deg F)…until the sky suddenly exploded with the phenomenon we’d been seeking! It was absolutely amazing, and we sat and watched for hours while our guide made hot dog sandwiches over a campfire (the vibes we strong, the cuisine less so).

The next night, as we were getting ready to do a show in the city center, our radios crackled to the production manager’s voice “Guys!! Get outside right now!!! Aron, bring your camera!”. We ran out to the backstage door, unsure what he was talking about — and all looked up to see the aurora had followed us to the show. The video of that experience speaks for itself.


Many days of canal walks and cheese tasting in Amsterdam — Amsterdam was a central haunt during the Tiesto touring days, since the artist hails from the Netherlands.


In 2018/19, we went thru Asia — stopping in Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta, and more. On these “fly dates”, there were only brief overnight stops in each location, leaving very little time for exploring. Aron has always made the most of short time in each place, spending any available free time walking around and going for mini-adventures (mostly involving coffee).

British Columbia

With only 36 hours in Vancouver, a quick trip to the North Shore for some mountain biking was a must…rolling into the show only a little bit sweaty.

Norway Fjord

In 2017 while doing a one-off show in Norway, the Tiesto crew went on a day trip involving a rental car, two ferries, and a steep hike to go visit Preikestolen (“Preacher’s Rock”), an amazing rock formation perched over a fjord outside of Stavanger.

Saudi Arabia

Sometimes, you get to travel to places you’d never imagine. One of these was doing WWE shows in Saudi Arabia — some of the first “western” entertainment brought to the country. Being in a stadium during a sandstorm was something…exciting.

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