Tame Impala

Media programming and Notch effects package for Tame Impala’s 2018-2019 headline tours

Project Scope

In 2018, we hopped in to handle media programming and custom real-time NotchVFX content for Tame Impala’s tour which then led to their 2019 Coachella main stage performance. That Coachella performance also inspired what we now know and love as the PixelCannon – our custom hardware aimed at the needs of live event.

Working with our friends at BLINK on content, we were able to create the totally psychedelic, perspective-altering visual feast that Tame Impala was looking for.

Tools Used

MA Lighting grandMA2 consoles for media playback

Notch VFX software

(2018) Green Hippo Hippotizer Boreal+ media servers with Notch VFX custom IMAG effects

(2019) d3 [disguise] technologies 4×4 media servers with VE Pixelcannon custom Notch playback servers

Key Players

Production Design – Rob Sinclair + WPA

Lighting Design – Rob Sinclair

Video Vendor – Upstaging

Media Programming, Notch Content – Visual Endeavors

Content Company – Blink, Inc

Contact Us

Please reach out below to discuss new projects, Blacktrax or Pixelcannon inquiries, or current job openings.