Opera Cultura Mi Camino

Virtual Opera produced using Unreal Engine virtual production tools

Project Scope

VE provided Unreal Engine technical direction and green screen studio for a virtual opera co-directed by Hector Armienta and Tricia Creason-Valencia, and produced by MACLA Studio. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, staging a traditional production simply wasn’t possible, nor was having multiple singers in the same room simultaneously. We facilitated filming each of three singers separately in our green screen studio, then composited them into virtual worlds in Unreal Engine (created by Hector Armienta) along with avatars of each singer. The opera itself takes place in a virtual world modeled after the real world locations of Half Moon Bay and Gilroy — the filming of singers and post-production of Unreal Engine took place in the VE studio in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Tools Used

Unreal Engine, iClone Reallusion


Adobe Creative Suite

Key Players

Unreal Engine Technical Director – Aron Altmark

Director – Hector Armienta and Tricia Creason-Valencia

Post-Production – MACLA Studio

Studio Space – Visual Endeavors HQ

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