Morgan Wallen

Screens producing and disguise media server integration for A-list country artist

Project Scope

VE was brought in by RawCereal, one of our favorite clients, to be the Screens Producer and Disguise Integration Lead for Morgan Wallen’s stadium-scale 2023 One Night At A Time world tour. We ensured that all of the amazing content generated by the RawCereal animators looked great on the massive stage design by handling the content pipeline from render to screen. The show was driven with Disguise gx3 servers and utilized pre-rendered content as well as real-time content from Unreal Engine and Notch. Additionally, VE deployed an onsite render farm of four PixelCannon 2RU servers to enable animators to swiftly generate content while at rehearsals. The Disguise servers were controlled via sockpuppet from grandMA3 consoles.

Tools Used

Disguise GX 3 Servers

Unreal Engine

Notch VFX

VE PixelCannon 2RU Servers

MA Lighting grandMA3 Consoles

Key Players

Creative & Show Direction – Anders Rahm, Cort Lawrence

Lighting Programmers – Will Flavin, AJ Dicarlo

Screens Producer & Disguise Integration Lead – Visual Endeavors

Production Designer – Zac Coren

Art Direction & Lead Animator – Natalie Hall

Photographer – Danielle Marshall

Automation, NAV Cam, Staging – TAIT

Lighting – Premier Global Production

Video – PTP Live

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