Gerald Casel Dance

Lighting and media designer for Bay Area dance creator

Project Scope

Aron has had the pleasure of working alongside choreographer Gerald Casel for many years, serving as lighting and media designer for multiple productions and projects since 2017. Lighting for dance is where the roots of VE originated, so we make it a point to still be active in creating for dance and theatrical projects to keep our work inspired and rooted. Gerald’s work “complicates and provokes questions surrounding colonialism, collective cultural amnesia, whiteness and privilege, and the tensions between the invisible/perceived/obvious structures of power.” We strive to find the balance between complementing the movement on stage without overpowering the underlying themes being expressed — augmenting movement and emotion to create a more intimate experience.

Tools Used

Vectorworks + Cinema4D for conceptual / lighting design

Notch + Resolume for media and projection design

ETC Ion / EOS for lighting control

Key Players

Lighting / Media Design – Aron Altmark

Sound Design / Composition – Tim Russell

Choreographer / Director – Gerald Casel 

Contact Us

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