Frequency Festival

An interactive showcase of light, sound, and digital culture in our own Santa Cruz, CA

Project Scope

We were delighted to be brought on to the Frequency Festival again in 2023 as production support and with a new interactive exhibit. Frequency is a biennial festival of light, sound, and digital culture hosted in and around the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. The 4-night event showcases local and global artists and integrates a variety of media-based art into the downtown landscape through illuminated artworks, interactive technologies, and immersive experiences.

VE provided production management support overall, as well as being a featured artist – this time we took an underused space in the museum and turned it into a mesmerizing interactive experience.

Tools Used

Vectorworks + Cinema4D for conceptual / design

Notch VFX for real-time effects

PixelCannon hardware

Key Players

Installation Design – Aron Altmark

Video Vendor – Matrix Visual

Santa Cruz MAH Production Team –

Natalie Jenkins

Robb Wolfe

Marla Nova

Everett Ó Cillín

Contact Us

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