Frequency Festival

An interactive showcase of light, sound, and digital culture in our own Santa Cruz, CA

Project Scope

Frequency is a biennial festival of light, sound, and digital culture hosted in and around the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History.
The 4-night event showcases local and global artists and integrates a variety of media-based art into the downtown landscape through illuminated artworks, interactive technologies, and immersive experiences.

VE provided production management support overall, as well as being a featured artist with an interactive video installation in the center of the festival. 

Tools Used

Vectorworks + Cinema4D for conceptual / design

Notch VFX for real-time effects

PixelCannon hardware

Key Players

Installation Design – Aron Altmark

Video Vendor – Matrix Visual 

Santa Cruz MAH Production Team – 

Natalie Jenkins

Robb Wolfe

Marla Nova

Everett Ó Cillín

Contact Us

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