Fred Again..

A unique show night after night

Project Scope

In fall of 2023, RawCereal brought in VE to help determine the technical screens and content workflows for breakout EDM artist Fred Again’s series of fall shows in Europe and North America. VE managed the content automation pipeline for a show that is ever-changing and ever-evolving night to night. This electronic artist creates a live show from a myriad of audio samples that trigger video content clips – all live. Managing this much content necessitated connecting multiple pieces of the content tech stack with custom automations as editors changed minute parts of songs each night based on musical changes. This resulted in a show that left audiences wanting more – which Fred Again gave them with multiple-night engagements at both Alexandria Palace and The Shrine.

Tools Used, Airtable, Zapier, Adobe Premier for Content Management

Disguise for live video and music integration

Key Players

Creative Director – Lucy Hickling

Production and Lighting Designer – Matt Pittman

Tour Director – Grant Draper

Production Manager – Dermot Lynch

Lighting Operator – Olly Martin

Video Operator – Gareth Nunns 

Disguise Operators – Robin Senoner, Gareth Nunns, Ethan & Tom

Executive Content Producer – Anders Rahm 

Art Director – Holly Molcher

Lead Content Editor – Caitlin Ricaud

Content Editors – Alba Skottowe, TK-FX, Work Editorial, Ben Garnett, Charlie Hutchins, Frustum Virtual, Billy Woods

Video Shoot Producers – Kevin Cheung, Smera

Technical Screens Director – Visual Endeavors

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